Click on the claim listing if it is your business. Then send us the full details of your company or verification of ownership like business license or anything equivalent. 

Yes you can. You can have a main listing location and then other locations under the same name. Or you can list the locations with the Branch. 

We respect privacy. We guarantee you that we don’t share your information with third parties.

Currently, only the listed companies or job agencies can do it. This is because we are trying to avoid scams and making sure the jobs being posted are real. 

There is another choice of listing a job via Hararelife authors or administrators. Please send an email to ellison@hararelife.com or contact us on the provided details.

Sponsored listing is when a company pays Hararelife for a priority screen time. Similar to advertising, and the sponsored listings will always appear marked sponsored.

Verified Listing means our team has the full details of the company, we have checked the location and have confirmed that the business has a premium membership. See plans. 

We mostly list locations that we are aware of. These companies will be contacted so that they can pay for basic or minimum membership fee amounts that we use to pay for the website hosting and promotional activities. 

This is often because of  the verification process. It is our job to to check the details provided and verify the accuracy. We may also withhold posting certain content  due to the provided media. We try to keep uniform on the website.

We only list events, we do not promote events. We may place some ads about on the site, but we  don’t get involved in the promoting side of it. 

These days people can block ads (using ad-blockers) and  we offer companies a chance to get more viewing for a specified time. The website positioning is often based on most viewed, verified, review etc. – being sponsored means a listing might get screen time in-between as an ad, but also titled sponsored** so that users can know it’s sponsored.

  • Please check our blog on how to list your product.

Once setup, the online gift shop and ticket store will enable users to pay for things using our Paypal gateway integration. By the end of 2022 we hope to have Visa, Mastercard & Ecocash

First claim your listing and send us the details and then we will commence on the verification. Included in the details should be proof of ownership or proof that you are in charge of the listing.

Yes. Our website is verified and safe to use. Just remember not to send money to individuals you don’t know or that claim to be Hararelife.