5 African Food Restaurants You Should Try

5 African Food Restaurants You Should Try

Craving some traditional African food but don’t want to wash dishes?

With a bit of research and a bit of help from some of our Hararelife Subscribers we have finally managed to compile a list of 5 African Food Restaurants You Should Try. Disclaimer–these are not in any specific order.

Check them out for yourselves and let us know how they are! 

  1. Foodnest Longcheng -Longcheng Plaza

Before we get into it, there is one thing I must clarify–don’t get “Foodnest Restaurant” confused with “The Nest”—they are two completely different Restaurants. Open everyday from 7am-10pm, Foodnest serves an assortment of Steaks, Ribs Platters, Pizza, Seafood and honestly everything under the sun and we could go on and on, but we really don’t care—we’re here to talk about African Food. You can find on their menu the likes of Egusi Soup, Jollof Rice, and Okra Soup. Looking to try? They’re located in Longcheng Plaza.

2. Jollof Junxion – Corner Josiah Chinamano Avenue and Blakiston Street 

Now this is a place that I’ve been hearing about a lot, I mean A LOT. Located at Corner Josiah Chinamano Avenue and Blakiston Street Jollof Junxion is a Restaurant specializing in Western African Cuisine. Currently they are only open for collections, so make sure to DM or send a whatsaap message to +263 787 156 023. They also deliver all around Harare at an additional cost depending on the location. Have you tried their West African Pork Suya Kebabs? They never miss! They accept USD on collection/delivery, and Ecocash payment.

3. PaBvute Gourmet-Harare

Now I’ve personally never tried any food from PaBvute Gourmet but you’re probably seen her featured on the latest Zimbabwe Food Tour Documentary from the Best Ever Food Review Show–8.3Million subscribers on Youtube. On her Facebook page she lists services she offers as Catering, Home Visits, Delivery and Cooking classes. You can follow her on instagram @pabvute_gourmet to see her menu and more. Have a try and let us know!

4. Gava’s Belgravia Sports Club

Gava’s is Family style Restaurant located on the Bowling Green at Belgravia Sports Club. They have Live music, reasonable prices, friendly helpful staff, and a chilled vibe with a kid- friendly atmosphere. For those who are into spirits, they have a decent wine list, and Craft House Beer is now available. A great place to bring overseas visitors to sample delicious traditional Sadza nyama and trimmings. Their entrance is on East Rd.

5. Kapoto-Longcheng Plaza

If you’re looking for a Restaurant that serves good traditional food, Kapoto is one of them. Whether you are a tourist wanting to try something new, or a local wanting a taste of home everyone can find something here. They offer catering services for Weddings, Corporate Functions, and informal gatherings. Enjoy traditional dishes at Kapoto that include sadza, mhunga, zviyo, mupunga unedovi served with zvinyenza, mabhonzo, and chimukuyu. Yummm sounds delicious!

Any other African Restaurants you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add them next time!

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