Advertising 101

Advertising 101

These days nobody likes ads interrupting their surfing net time, and most people can block ads using ad-blockers, (thank goodness).  However here at Hararelife we believe in promoting true Zimbabwean businesses and as such, for businesses that have already been verified (see FAQ# 1), We offer an advertising option called Sponsored Listing

Reading this while scratching your head? 

Well, it’s simply a fancy pancy term meaning we offer companies a chance to get more views. After paying a fee we will help your company boost its visibility—that means potential customers. This will be done by your company being listed at the top of certain search results and also on other strategic positions on the website for a specific period of time.

Users will have the ability to leave reviews and comments on all Businesses, however, in order to protect the safety of your company we will verify the validity of all negative reviews in case competitors are just doing this to tarnish another Business’ goodwill. 

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