Dinner for Two?

Imagine this---It’s Saturday Night, Dan finally gets the courage to hit up that special someone he’s had his eyes on for a while. He convinces her to somehow to say yes then drops a couple on a nice ride to pick her up in. There it is….the suit that would put even the Pastor to shame. He even opens up the bottle of Tom Ford Cologne that has been waiting for

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5 African Food Restaurants You Should Try

Craving some traditional African food but don’t want to wash dishes? With a bit of research and a bit of help from some of our Hararelife Subscribers we have finally managed to compile a list of 5 African Food Restaurants You Should Try. Disclaimer--these are not in any specific order. Check them out for yourselves and let us know how they are!<br

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10 Benefits of Advertising with Hararelife

Alright, you are well versed in Advertising 101, now let’s get into it and talk about the 10 Benefits of Advertising with Hararelife: We offer advertising solutions through our digital platforms, magazines & various media kits: We use various types of media to Advertise including digital platforms like Facebook , Instagram, and the Hararelife Magazine

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Advertising 101

These days

nobody likes ads interrupting their surfing net time, and most

people can block ads using ad-blockers, (thank goodness).

However here at Hararelife we believe in promoting true Zimbabwean businesses and as such, for businesses that have already been verified (see FAQ# 1),

We offer an

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Shopping  Category

Shopping Shopping Shopping! Something everyone loves to do and my favorite thing to talk about! Groceries, Clothes and Fashion, House Goods, and Beauty are some of the categories found in Shopping. Here one can find locations that sell Custom Pillow cases, Kitchen Amenities, Shoes, Essential Oils and Perfume and much more. We update with new locations

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Hotels and Lodges Category

Traveling and finding a hotel can be a seriously stressful experience, so it’s our job to help melt some of all  that stress away. Whether you are visiting Harare for the first time, or looking for a special weekend getaway, we at HarareLife hope to help you find suitable accommodation for your needs.    In the Hotels and Lodges category one can find

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Food and Drinks Category

In the Food and Drinks category one can find an array of Restaurants, Café’s, Bakeries, Bars, and even Food Trucks. Perhaps you are you looking for Japanese Cuisine or Brazilian Bbq? Say no more! Indulge yourself and find exactly what you need to satisfy those cravings.  After dining at one of our listed restaurants don’t forget to add a review with

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Lifestyle and Beauty Category

The Lifestyle and Beauty category covers mainly Beauty, Gym & Fitness, Hobbies, and Entertainment.  Whether you are looking to have a relaxing day at a Spa, or a wild night out with your friends, you can find it all here! Find live music near you, stay up to date with upcoming Concerts, Special promotions, Theatrical Events and more through the

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Services Category

The Service Category covers listings from Security Providers, to Furniture Stores, Media,  Architecture Hospitals and much more. Each of our Listings have been put into subcategories for example; Media Advertising, or Furniture. Wedding planners and some Companies that offer their venues for various catering services can be found here. Get funeral

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